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New York City Physician House Call Service

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New York City Physician House Call Service

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Quick, affordable housecall physician

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Housecall doctor visit to home, office or hotel in nyc

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New York City Physician House Call Service is Bolte Medical's New York City Hotel House Call Doctor Service to home, business or hotel (midtown Manhattan NYC). We serve elderly patients in local midtown Manhattan east unable to leave home, and the busy New Yorker or hotel guest with schedules preventing an ambulatory medical doctor office visit. Click the button for more information.

NYC Physician Hotel House Call Service to home, office, hotel, on-location

stained glass headerBolte Medical physician house call nyc provides immediate urgent assistance to local midtown new york city residents, hotel guests and travellers visiting New York City.  Saturday & Sunday physician hotel doctor house call visits are available including EKG / ECG electrocardiogram screening, and strep testing for sore throat evaluation.  Doctor Bolte has provided immediate and urgent medical services to on-location media productions, video and movie sets, for actors, musicians and models requiring prompt and courteous medical attention, celebrity discreet.  Doctor Bolte has worked as an Emergency Room ER Physician and Medical Urgent Care Doctor since 1990 in the New York City area.

Listing of Medical Housecall Doctor Services:

Please note:  Evaluation of palpitations, heart discomfort, unstable angina and abdominal pain require immediate emergency room evaluation and 911 called immediately

  • Available weekdays, Saturday & Sunday. 
  • Immediate & urgent housecall doctor visit for pharyngitis or sore throat, sinus congestion or sinusitis, ear discomfort or otitis
  • Immediate & urgent evaluation of chronic and acurt sore throat infections.
  • Quick strep throat test, throat culture
  • Allergic or tension headache, migraine & fever
  • Acute bronchitis & pneumonia
  • Asthma or allergic reaction
  • X-ray referral for chest or bone problems
  • Cystitis / urinary tract infection; antibiotic for uti; treatment for recurring uti, chronic uti, recurrent uti.
  • Colitis or traveller's diarrhea & constipation; food poisoning symptom assessment, food poisoning treatment.
  • Blood & urine testing performed during physicain housecall doctor visit if required
  • EKG or electrocardiograms available at physician housecall doctor visit
  • Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Illness or Disease ( STI / STD ); STD testing / STD treatment
  • Drug & medicine prescription renewal, medication refill
  • Assessment & treatment for travel-related back pain
  • Weekday / Weekend physician housecall medical service.

    For office, home or hotel physician housecall  212 - 588 - 9314

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