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Discover Magazine, Medical Mysteries issue
Discover Magazine Discovers the Real Doctor House
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Dr. Thomas Bolte was featured in DISCOVER Magazine "MEDICAL MYSTERIES" quarterly released 6/26/07 in an article entitled "The Real Dr House." with comparisons made to TV medical genius Doctor Gregory House played by actor Hugh Laurie.  Writer Joseph D'Agnese explored the origins of the "medical detective," the "master of the differential diagnosis," the "unusual symptom investigator," "zebra hunter," and roller-blading midtown manhattan house call doctor. D'Agnese translated Bolte's interest in house construction to psychologist Dr Carl Jung's belief of a house representing one's soul. D'Agnese said "according to Carl, you and your mom have been building souls for the last 30 years." "You bring new meaning to "House, MD." "You are the real Doctor House."

Quotes from The Real Dr. House

"'If a person calls our radio show and says they have a problem that no other doctor has been able to help them with, that they can't crack the case, I refer them to Bolte," says Jerry Hickey, a pharmacist and host of InVite Radio, a nutritionally oriented program aired on the New York City-based talk station WOR.  "He's sort of a medical detective.  He looks at things out of the box, and he's solved quite a few cases over the years."'

"Like the cranky character played by actor Hugh Laurie on the Fox TV series House, Bolte is a master of the differential diagnosis - identifying patients' ailments based on a careful analysis of their symptoms."

"Bolte, like the brilliant grouch played by actor Hugh Laurie, is a master of interpreting symptoms."

real doctor house "Bolte... is a doctor obsessed with mysteries. He calls himself an unusual symptoms investigator, his term for a doctor who picks up where other doctors fail."

"(Dr. Robert) Scully says there's a good reason why doctors sometimes miss what is right in front of them. 'In mainstream medicine there's an expression:  'When you hear hooves, don't initially look for zebras.'  And as a result, zebras are missed all the time. Tom's a zebra hunter."

'"There was a time in this country when doctors made house calls and when they were done, they sat down to dinner with the family.  That's how they got to know you.  The next time someone in your family took sick, the doctor knew their context.   He knew what their home life was like, knew what they did for a living, and so on.  Today, You're lucky if your doctor sees you for 12 minutes.  How can you possibly find out all you need to know about a patient in 12 minutes?"

Comments from those who read Discover Magazine's "The Real Doctor House":

Dear Dr. Bolte, I enjoyed reading your accomplishments in Discover Magazine so I Googled your name to find out more about your practice.  I believe that you might be on to something with your holistic approach and integrated medicine.  Your website is also very well written and I enjoyed the quotes and medical tips along with 24 hr. pharmacies.   I am a social worker who works with adults with disabilities, many who have been on serious psychotropic medication for most of their lives for no reason other than mental retardation.  I deal with Medicaid doctors on a daily basis.  I’m sure you know the sad nature of our government and the Medicaid system where many doctor’s get away with treating the patients as if they have no time for them.  I hope that there are people who follow in your footsteps. You sound like a very dedicated person. The world needs more people like you. Keep up the good work,  Sincerely, Christy Jenkins from upstate NY - 07/07/2007

Real Doctor House Feedback has more reader feedback about the article

Comments from a pre-med student who worked with Doctor Bolte:

"He spends at least 1 to 1 1/2 hours with each patient," Vulfova said.   "They talk about books, medicine, nutrition, philosophy of life, literature, how our surroundings affect us, and the patient's own life."   At first, Vulfova acknowledged, she wondered at the significance of these discussions. But it's in just such far-reaching exchanges that Bolte sometimes finds the root cause of a patient's complaint.   For example, one patient had a rash over her entire body. He noted that she had elevated levels of petrochemicals in her blood, and set out to ascertain why.   As it turned out, her trailer was located over a train depot from the 1800s. After the contaminated earth beneath her trailer was removed and replaced, the patient's rash went away."   - (Guiding the Quest, SUNY-Binghamton

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Dr Bolte runs an comprehensive integrated medical clinic and urgent care center in midtown Manhattan, and makes physician house call visits to local area midtown nyc residents and hotel guests. More info on Doctor Bolte on his personal webpage and New York Urgent Care website.

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